About Me

Dr. Robert Springett –

Dr. Robert Springett has been teaching as a Christian leader for more than twenty-five years and has been an inspiration to many. He is the President of Rivers International Christian College. Dr. Springett is the founding Apostle of Rivers Living Water Christian Centre (RLWCC), in Toronto Canada which is one of the fastest growing congregations. Dr. Springett’s years of studying of the word of GOD has earned him a B.Ths., M.Th.’s, Ph. D, Th. D, and D.D. He is well known for his inspiring, popular and highly transformational leadership & business seminars including what’s In Your Hands and Keys To Understanding Leadership.

With a vision to see beyond and a passion to transcend limitations, in 1997 Dr. Springett founded one of the first independent Bible Colleges in Toronto. The College started with three enrollees and for some time suffered much hardship and lack of support. Dr. Springett declares that he sensed that there was an eagle positioning for the college; thus rebuilding what was formerly known as Freedom Bible College in 1997 to what is now Rivers International Christian College. Our Head Office is located Toronto Canada and has expanded to several college campuses around the world.

As the visionary, Dr. Springett has expanded the vision worldwide with campuses in some counties to name a few,

  • Rivers International Christian College, Rivers -Toronto Canada,
  • Rivers- London England, Rivers – Montego Bay,
  • Rivers- Savanna-la-mar, Rivers Derby England, Rivers -Kingston Jamaica, Rivers- Edmonton Alberta South, Rivers Edmonton North, River-London England,
  • Rivers – Nottingham England, Rivers St. Kitts, Ajax Canada, Rivers St. Thomas
  • Rivers- Trinidad, Rivers – Nassau Bahamas, Rivers- Margate Florida, Rivers- Russia,
  • Rivers- Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Rivers – Malawi Africa,
  • Rivers – Cape town Africa, Rivers-Birmingham England, Rivers- Freeport Bahamas, Rivers Dubai, Rivers Philippians, Rivers Zimbabwe student enrollment in Nigeria Africa, Eleuthero Bahamas,

Dr. Springett believes that the foundation of the College mandate is to remain a driving force, empowering the people called by GOD into Ministry and those needing to understand the word of GOD.