Powerful Prayers for Supernatural Living


This book is intended to help young believers get a better understanding of their most precious asset as Christians: their prayer life. We must endeavor to establish a powerful prayer life that focuses on showing the power of God on the earth.In a believer’s life, prayer is necessary. Without it, it is impossible to maintain a relationship with God. The growing power of the believer’s life is based on prayer. At the end of the day, our Christian lives can be likened to a vehicle: Your faith is the engine and prayer is the transmission that causes the vehicle to attain its highest level by shifting into gear at the right time. If you have a great-looking engine (faith) but no transmission (prayer), the vehicle will never maximize its potential.

1. Revolutionise the way you think of prayer
2. Revolutionise the power in your prayer
3. Revolutionise the way you position yourself for prayer
4. Teach you how to get results from prayer




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    May 20, 2021

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